Our Stud Boys

Siamese Stud Cats

Our studs are at closed stud. They are both PRA normal, PRA N/N and have been tested at Langford diagnostic laboratories.

AimeeZoe Robin Rowntree (Robin)
SIA em 21

Robin, is an Apricot tabby Siamese and was born here at AimeeZoe Siamese, his father being Oriamore Jerad, who has now retired from stud work.    He is super friendly and just loves as much attention as he can get, he is spoilt by both his human and cat family and is bomb proof, a totally laid back lad, with an outstanding personality. 

We are hoping that Robin will sire his first litter this year and that he will pass his wonderful personality on to his kittens. 

Youngster – Pas de Chic Elegant
Elf SIA e

Elf as we call him, is a Cream Point Siamese and  has arrived with us  all the way from Russia with a lovely  pedigree and we have to thank Natalia Menshikova for trusting us with this lovely boy. 

He is still very much a youngster and enjoying life with us at the moment, but we are hoping that he will be an excellent addition to our breeding program.

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