The Girls

Siamese Females – Our Girls

All of our Siamese females live in the house with us as our pets and are part of our family. 

They make our house entertaining, cozy and cuddly, just like your siamese kitten will.


My current Siamese breeding girls are AimeeZoe Evie,  AimeeZoe Alisa,  AimeeZoe Jasmine, and AimeeZoe Sassy

My Oriental girls are Usha Ufne Koty and AimeeZoe Alysheba,

All of our Siamese breeding girls and boys are PRA normal and are tested at Langford diagnostic laboratories

AimeeZoe Evie (SIA n 21)

AimeeZoe Evie is a Seal Point Tabby Siamese and has a very laid back attitude and a very gentle nature, and is never far away from her daughter Sassy.

Evie can often be seen riding on your shoulder and once she know you,  she will wait for you to come through the door and then just jump so that she can go wherever you do.  She will often shock us, but you can’t help but love Evie.

AimeeZoe Sassy (SIA f)

AimeeZoe Sassy is a  Tortie Point Siamese and has certainly got the Tortie attitude although she is very bonded to her mum Evie so she is normally kept under control 🙂

Sassy is the daughter of AimeeZoe Evie (Mum) and Pas de Chic Elegant Elf (Dad).   Sassy has had a lovely  second litter.    Dad is Pas de Chic Tigran, and they have  had 4 kittens,  an oriental red boy and 3 Siamese baby girls.  We will post pictures as they grow.  Sassy is a very loving mum and is taking great care of her kittens


AimeeZoe Jasmine (SIA j)

Jasmine is a Lilac Tortie Siamese, that was born with us here at AimeeZoe.  She is a very gentle girl and a very good mum.  Her daughter Lotty is also with us here and they are always together.  Jasmine is a half sister to AimeeZoe Sassy as they share the same dad (Pas de Chic Elf) and her mum is AimeeZoe Giana, who is now retired  Lotty (Jasmines daughter)  is still very much a youngster and is often playing and tormenting her mum but they really do share a special bond


Oriental Females – Our Girls

Usha Ufne Koty PL (OSH n 03 25)

Usha Ufne Koty is a Brown and White Bicolour Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair girl who has joined us from Poland and we have to thank Karolina Galecka who has trusted us with this wonderful girl.

Usha has got lots of character and a big voice, she certainly is full of energy and loves nothing better than to be running on her wheel.  Having said that she gets on with all her fur family and has a very laid back attitude with the other girls


AimeeZoe Alysheba (OSH n 03 33)

Aly as we call her is a Seal Point and White Bi Colour Oriental Shorthair.  Her mum is AimeeZoe Giana with her dad being our lovely boy Ufne Koty Vidon, who came to us from Poland.  Aly is very different from our other girls and it has been wonderful seeing her colours develop as we venture into the bi-colour world.  She is a very solid girl with long legs and is in fact the biggest of our girls, but with a very gentle nature.

Siamese Cats – the Boys

Our Siamese males are at closed stud and we do not offer stud service.

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