The Girls

Siamese Cats – the Girls

All the girls live in the house with us as our pets and are part of our family.


My current breeding girls are AimeeZoe Giana, Oriamore Brenna, AimeeZoe Evie, and Pas de Chic Holly Jolly

All of our breeding girls and boys are PRA normal PRA N/N and are tested at Langford diagnostic laboratories

AimeeZoe Giana (SIA b)

Giana is a Chocolate point Siamese and is an absolutely wonderful mum with a fantastic laid back attitude who gets on with everyone in her fur and human family.

Always happy to sit on a lap or stretch out beside you.

AimeeZoe Evie (SIA n 21)

AimeeZoe Evie is a Seal Point Tabby Siamese and has a very laid back attitude and a very gentle nature.  She has recently had her first litter of kittens and is an outstanding mum.   

Oriamore Brenna aka Lily (OSH a 24)

Lily is a Blue ticked Tabby Oriental and is the first and only oriental in our family,  and I have to say she has really made her presence know, with her very  strange meow, and outstanding personality.  She just loves playing fetch and will spend hours playing if you let her.

She has come to us all the way from Latvia, and she has recently had two kittens, who are making their presence known.

Pas de Chic Holly Jolly (SIA j)

Holly is a Lilac Tortie Siamese. We are so pleased to have Holly in our family, she has a wonderful nature and has fitted into our human and fur family with no problem at all. We are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful girl from such good lines and we are truly thankful to Natalia Menshikova for her trust and friendship in allowing this beautiful girl to join us in the UK.

Holly has had one litter of kittens with our homebred boy Robin and from this special litter we have kept Polly to continue with our breeding program in the future.

Siamese Cats – the Boys

Our boys are at closed stud and we do not offer stud service.

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