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Answers to some of the questions often asked.

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Do you have any kittens available?

We will advise of kitten availability on our kitten page.   Once we have kittens available you are welcome to contact us.  It would be good if at this time you could tell us a little about yourself and the home you are able to offer one of our kittens, including who lives at home.   This will help us to help you select the best kitten for your household.  If you could also advise if you require a particular colour or if your preference would be for a boy or girl or both then this would also be helpful.

Can you put me on your waiting list?

At the moment our waiting list is closed, as we already have people that have been waiting sometime for a kitten.  We will open the list again once we have kittens that are available.

Can I reserve a kitten?

When you are happy that you would like to reserve a kitten, we will send you a sales contract, which are the terms and conditions of the sale of one of our kittens to you.  The terms will have been discussed throughout our conversations and they list the purchaser and breeders responsibilities and obligations.  It is a condition of the sale that the sales contract is signed, prior to the collection of a kitten.

What colour kittens do you have?

With our planned matings, we expect to have a mixture Chocolate, Seal, Caramel and Red depending on the girl, with a mixture of solid and tabby points.

Can you arrange transport?

Although we would prefer people to come and meet the kittens and their parents this is not always possible at the moment, and I am able to arrange transport should this be required, with a reputable pet courier. Transport does incur an additional cost.

What do your kittens eat?

Our  kittens are weaned on to complete raw food (purrform), although there are other complete raw food on the market.  As they get older we also feed them cooked chicken, which they all seem to love and other high meat content foods.  We do sometimes give a small quantity of dried food, but this is more of a treat and our cats and kittens are mainly fed wet food. 

Ready to ADOPT an AimeeZoeSiamese Kitten?

If you think that you can offer a permanent loving home to one of our gorgeous Siamese kittens, please get in touch for more details of how to begin the adoption process.

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