Siamese Cat Names

Jan 2, 2023 | Fun Stuff: Siamese Cats

siamese cat names

If you’re trying to think of some cool Siamese Cat names, you’ve come to the right place. Siamese cats are highly unique with their physical appearance. You definitely need a great name for your new oriental cat.

When deciding on a name for your Siamese cat you’ll take into consideration their striking blue eyes, dark masks, and very talkative personalities. What names will fit these amazing cats?

Famous Siamese Cats

Siamese cats have made appearances in several cartoons, books, and movies. using inspiration from these can attach a permanent love to these inspirational cats.

Perhaps the most famous of Siamese cats are Si and Am – the identical twin sisters from Lady and the Tramp. They’re mischievous girls who are always getting into trouble,

Their sneaky antics cause problems that are nothing but amusing to them – especially when they’re getting dogs into trouble.

If you have a mischievous Siamese cat, then giving them a namesake from this Disney favorite may suit them well.


siamese cat name male female catsTop 4 Siamese Male Siamese Cat Names

  1. Lixin. A great name for a bright and sunny boy, Lixin (pronounced lee-shin) means “a glorious and beautiful sunrise.”Female Siamese Cat Names
  2. Shuchang. Shuchang is a great name if you’d like a gentleman with a happy demeanour. The name means “easy-going and blissful.”
  3. Tianyu. You can’t go wrong with this very classic Chinese name, which means “heavenly jade.” 
  4. Yulong. Meaning “jade dragon,” this classic Chinese name is a beautiful pick for your little guy.

Top 4 Female Siamese Cat Names

  1. Cheng: Cheng is a common name in China. It means ‘to succeed’.
  2. Phoebe: The popular name is a female version of the name Phoebus. It means ‘bright’.
  3. Sachiko: The Japanese name means ‘child of bliss’.
  4. ZhenZhen: The name is of Chinese origin, and it means ‘precious’

How to Choose a Name for your Siamese Cat

There’s no rush to give your name a cat. Sometimes it takes a couple fo weeks of observing your new friend to find a perfect name that’s fitting.  If you’re getting a Siamese kitten, don’t worry about them recognizing their name this young.  It takes a few months before they start to acknowledge their name when spoken to.

Sometimes, they can even hear you saying it, but they still don’t acknowledge it. 😀 Even after you find that perfect name, we get that you’ll also have at easy 5 nicknames and other variations to call your Siamese kitty.

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