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Dec 6, 2022 | Siamese Cat Facts

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Knowing the standard description can help determine if the characteristics of a Siamese meet the Siamese Cat Breed Standard. Although the characteristics that determine whether a cat falls into one breed or another might seem paradoxical, there are strict standards that they must meet to fall within the breed’s characteristics. This is especially true for serious breeders and cat shows, which hold a high standard for the cat’s appearance.

In order for a cat to be considered to meet the Siamese Cat Breed Standard, there are a set of strict characteristics it must fall into. Some of these are set forth by The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. GCCF dictates the standards for Siamese cats, using a point system to help ensure they fall within acceptable parameters. Siamese Cats also come in a variety of color, so check with your breeder to see which colors they’ve available.

The Siamese cat has a point goal of 100 points. These have division into Head and Body (50 points), and Coat/Color/Pattern (50 points). Personality and disposition are also important, as some actions might disqualify a cat.

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The Requirements for the Siamese Cat Breed Standard


The head of a Siamese cat has a distinctive wedge shape. This is such a unique shape, with large ears that blend well into the wedge and clean straight lines, that the head of a Siamese is one of the most distinctive parts of the cat. An important note is that male Siamese cats may have jowls, whereas females will not.


Triangular; a straight line is drawn from the nose to the tips of the ears. A flat forehead. The muzzle must be fine with no muzzle break. The head must resemble a wedge.


Large enough to create contrast with the rest of the head, ears must be wide at the base, perfectly positioned to continue the wedge line. Must not be too high or too flared.


Extremely distinctive, Siamese cat eyes are a medium-sized and almond-shaped. They are set diagonally, slanted toward the nose. A line which is drawn from the inner corner of the outer corner of the eye would be in line with the center of the ear’s base. The eyes must have proper spacing apart, with a minimum width of one eye’s length between the two. The eye color is blue, with more striking and deeper colors scoring higher. The 12 points they award for eyes divide equally between color, size, shape, and set.


The Siamese chin must be proportional to the rest of the body. A receding or exceedingly large chin will take away points. The chin must center with the nose. The nose and chin must connect perfectly if a line is drawn between the two.


Two variations are acceptable: a long straight line from forehead to nose, or a two-plane angle, beginning midway over the eyes.

Siamese Cat Body


A Siamese cat’s neck is long and slender.


The Siamese cat is a long, graceful cat. The lines of this cat taper give the cat a more svelte appearance. In excellent physical condition, this cat perfectly balances strength and elegance. The cat is deemed to fit together well, with no extremes. Solid and muscular without bulk, featuring elegant lines.


Shoulders and hips should be the same width, giving the torso a tube shape. The torso should be long and medium-sized, with a fine-boned appearance.


Long legs that are higher in the back than the front. The bones should be fine but well-proportioned to the rest of the body, with firm muscles.


Small and oval feet that are in reasonable proportion to the rest of the body.


A long tail with a narrow base that tapers to a fine point. The tail should be thin and whip-like, giving an impression of added length to the body.

Is the Siamese Cat Muscular?


Very firm and well-muscled while maintaining a svelte and lithe feel. The musculature should maintain the graceful and refined shape of the cat while projecting strength and solid weight without excess bulk.

Siamese Cat Fur


The coat should have a fine texture with a soft feel.


Very short hair is the norm with this breed. It should lie close to the body, naturally cropped tight to its form.


Every breed has a wide range of acceptable colors. The hue doesn’t matter as much as the clarity of the color, as well as soundness.


Pattern refers in Siamese cats to the placement of color throughout the cat. The color on the body should be even, with shading occurring on the legs. Older cats may have darker body shading, but there will always be a defined contrast between the body and legs. Leg barring, where it almost appears that stripes of color on the legs are not desirable unless the Siamese has lynx points. Lack of body barring is desirable in all coat patterns.

Some Siamese has white coloring on their legs and patches of color or shading on their bodies.

Siamese Kittens and Young Adults

There are a few allowances for kittens and young adults under 12 months because they are still growing and may initially have characteristics that seem outside the norm. These can include:

  • Dip above the eyes (often called a headache band)
  • Ghost barring
  • Incomplete color in legs and mask

The temperament of the Siamese Cat

Siamese cat temperament should be unchallenging, not seeking to harm or threaten. They frequently try to flee or even complain loudly, but they’re not known for being aggressive, such as biting. They’re generally known to be good family cats.

Standards for Siamese

The standards for Siamese cats hold to the classic and natural looks of the cats, ensuring that the medium-sized shorthair cat retains those characteristics it has naturally. This helps ensure that the original characteristics are prized over cross-breeding, which may endanger the animal.

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